Almost Not Enough

Staged reading at the State Youth Theater of Lithuania in 2005

“Almost Not Enough” is a play about a household of three women who cannot get over the absence of men in their lives. Mirta, a young and promising fashion designer, comes to her home town to present her first collection. Just before the big night she decides to visit her granny and her mom with whom she has not talked since she ran away from home to become a fashion guru. Mirta hopes that seeing her family will make her feel the unconditional love she longs for in her life. But the home coming only brings back bitter memories and stirs old grievances: the painful divorce of Mirta’s parents, the tragic death of Mirta’s grandfather, Mirta’s mom’s bitter disapproval of Mirta’s career choice. Why nurturing old wounds is always easier than nursing them? What is the cost of refusing to live in the present and let go of the past?