Bird of Truth

Staged reading at Kaunas State Drama Theater, Lithuania in 2006

Full production at Youth Community Theatre of Varėna, Lithuania in 2006

In order to raise her pupils’ interest in arts and culture, a teacher of literature sets for a class of teenagers a task to create a contemporary tale or song. The best efforts will be rewarded: songs and tales will be performed live by their composers at a special event in front of the whole population of the town. Their artistic efforts bring young creators’ – five boys’ and four girls’ – inner fears and family problems onto the surface. The truth that has been well hidden under the masks of a clown, a lady’s man or a book worm is suddenly spoken out, and the young people for the first time in their lives are confronted with a necessity to reflect on who they are and what they have got to say to the wide wild world.
The first draft of the play was developed in collaboration with a teenagers’ community theater of Lithuanian town Varėna. The author is enormously grateful to these young people for their confidence and generosity in sharing their dreams, ideas, and visions with her.

Tiesos paukštė